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Metabo – RW 18 LTX 120 Stirrer, Body Only – 601163850

£250.36 Inc VAT

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Cordless stirrer for powerful mixing on the construction site.;Minor effort to guide the stirrer thanks to ergonomically favourable handle position.;Robust metal gripping frame to protect against damage.;Battery pack is protected by its location on the top and helps to ensure perfect balance when stirring.;Variospeed (V) Electronics for working at customised speeds to suit various application materials.;Overload protection: protects the motor from overheating.;Electronic soft start for splash-free working.;Ultra-M technology: highest performance, gentle charging and 3 years of warranty on the battery pack.


Characteristics.;Battery pack voltage 18 V.;Gears 1.;Maximum stirring paddle diameter 120 mm.;Max. recommended mixing quantity 40 l.;Bit retainer Female thread M 14.;Noise emission.;Uncertainty of measurement K 3 dB(A)


Stirrer paddle RS-R2.;(without battery pack, without charger).